FOLKEARTH ”Minstrels by the River”

Stygian Crypt Productions – 2011 – International

The band released an album called “Sons of the North” in the same year, I wrote about that album short time ago. Again the band united in a crowded lineup with folk instruments.

This album consists of nine songs; one of them is a Russian traditional song. Flute, mandolin, acoustic guitars and folk instruments such as the compilation of melodies formed metal album, of course, as the band’s previous albums. I noticed that the band had released three albums in 2008, although I was about to mention that they released two albums at once in the same year.

This will be the fourth review of this band in this site, and I don’t think I will have different things to say about this band; genre is Folk/Viking Metal again. From now on, all the listeners of this genre have to do is wait for their new album with much curiosity. It is a band which I recommend to the Folk/Viking Metal followers.


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