The Final Resistance

Suspiria Records presented the final tracklist that include the expected tribute to the masters Dark Tranquillity, “The Final Resistance”. Fifteen featured national and international bands who have reflected with respect and professionalism fifteen of the best songs of the Swedish band.
01. Serenity In Murder: Edenspring 
02. Darkness By Oath: Dreamlore Degenerate 
03. Suru: Therein 
04. Dawn Of Tears- The Wonders At Your Feet 
05. The Descent: Final Resistance 
06. Skydancer: The Treason Wall 
07. Erling Solem: Ex- Nihilo 
08. Mind Holocaust: The New Build 
09. Agónica: Nothing to no one 
10. Fallen Sentinel: Terminus (Where death is most alive) 
11. Apotheus: Misery´s Crown 
12. Shadowsphere: Focus Shift 
13. Thee Orakle: Dream Oblivion 
Bonus Tracks
14. The Agonist: Monochromatic Stains 
15. Slaughter Of The Bluegrass: Punish My Heaven 

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