FALLING LEAVES ”Mournful Cry Of A Dying Sun”

Self-Promotion – 2012 – Jordan

Jordan, yes, very active metal scene this country has. I have discovered almost 10 bands in the last years and they are close and not behind at all from the same genre of bands from Europe / America … Falling Leaves are one of them. they are making doing and they are quite good at it. Mournful Cry Of A Dying Sun is their first full length album and they are very busy on advertising and promoting nowadays.

They used some guest vocals and musicians at some parts of the album. You can find the guest list below. Metal bands from low reputation countries ( unknown and undiscovered countries ) are making good job and progress over there. while we already have a little amount of an international level bands. These guys performing a self-sacrificing work and have to perform this music in a much more difficult condition getting the results much more quickly and much more comfortable than the bands that have same genre in a musically comfortable country like turkey.
Their style is death doom metal. But we can say that they are not using death metal much. Brutal vocals are used as a general vocal style. Adding clean vocals made it quite good. They have a melancholic dark atmosphere. Remembering me of first albums of Anathema / My Dying Bride / Lacrimas Profundere / like Novembers Doom.

I suggest you drink wine while listening to this album. An album of total 41 minutes makes you to float in the dark corridors of loneliness and the melancholy of it will consume you slowly. You may loss in the arms of this curse which rises from the middle east and will let you feel the winter. These countries probably never felt the winter. Time I wrote the critique was -3 degrees and snowing weather in Istanbul. This album and this weather are suiting very well.

As I mentioned above this album has a word class set of guests contributed with them. Definitely the major contributors are Paul Kuhr(Novembers Doom),Pim Blankenstein(Officium Triste),Josep Brunet(Helevorn)Olof Göthlin(Draconian),violins Pete Johansen(Ex-Morgul,Ex Sirenia). a Remarkable people from Doom metal arena is really showed a great example of modesty …
Personally I smelled Anathema-The Silent Enigma In the air. I really enjoyed the album, it is really a great album, I hope they find the value they deserve, and a label they deserve …


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