EVIL ”I Came From The Abyss”

Infinite Wisdom Productions – 2010 – Brazil

Evil is one of the Brazilian raw metal band but what makes them special is their strange experiences. Their drummer who committed murder and was sentenced to 20 years died in the prison. Yet, the band continues. I have realised that I recognised Evil before, among the splits and demos I checked. For instance, I used to have some splits of Satanic Warmaster which is really close to the Evil in genre. This one is a 7’’ EP record in 2 parts and distributed in a limited number of 150. However, it reached us as a digital promo format thus I want to review on the website.

“I CAME FROM THE ABYSS” is slow and crude compared to other Brazilian bands ; nevertheless, raw black metal lovers MUST listen. It is similar to Burzum and you will EVIL especially if you Darkthrone when they were Norsk arisk… Don’t say we didn’t warn you otherwise they may kill you!


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