Eufobia – Madness Album Review

Wizard Records – 2022 – Bulgaria

Today we are looking at the Bulgarian Death metal band Eufobia‘s 4th album “Madness”. The band has a stronger sound in this album compared to their previous albums. The album with 10 songs and 36 minutes starts with the title track “Madness”. It is a powerful and beautiful song, especially the solo part is very satisfying.

The drummer’s performance is great, the sound is very strong and the bass is thunderous. It is possible to get thrash influences in the songs. By the way, the bassist of the band takes part in the songs with lower vocals. Honestly, even though he adds colour to the album, there is a big difference in tone between him and the main vocal and sometimes it can take away from the song. But I think it was the right decision to have this friend completely take over some of the songs. Especially in mid-tempo songs like the 7th song “User Your Head”, it was a good choice for this low vocalist friend to take over the vocals.

Madness, Wolf Among the Sheep, User Your Head with its melodic entrance like an anthem, and headbanging Messiah were the songs I spun the most on the album. The album is all good, the only problem might be that it doesn’t have a lot of hits, but it seemed to me that the band focused on a strong-sounding album that goes straight to the point without much head-banging. Especially the taste of melodic harmonic solos in every song is very nice. Even in very flat and unexciting songs, the melodic break-in suddenly lifts the song up. 9 Song “The Establishment” took me away with its intro and solos.

In general, I can say that they make an easy-listening Death-Metal with a strong sound and nice solos. But there is potential in the band and I am sure that with a little more risk they can make very successful albums with more deadly songs. Still, those who like Death-Metal with a modern sound and lots of solos should not miss it!



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