ENSHADOWED ” Magic Chaos Psychedelia”

Pulverised Records -2013- Greece

The Greeks ENSHADOWED are already since 1998 on the road on dark musical pathes. At the beginning of the year 2013 they released their latest opus “Magic Chaos Psychedelia“ via Pulverised Records.
The gents celebrate here the Black Metal. The pitch-black Metal base frame is supported by severe riffs which have bite and self-assertion. The little short of non-human doubleblast drumming caters for additional energy and hardness. “Magic Chaos Psychedelia“ gets at no time boring by variations in speed. The bass-lines cater for additional pressure and darkness. Melodic speckles relax the depressive, oppressive atmosphere a bit. Pitch-black musical worlds without any hope for cure or hope develop which fascinate the listener. This impression continues at all nine songs. The emphatic growls do have one last thing! Very ambitious recorded I can only recommend ENSHADOWED to each Black Metal fan!!!!


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