EIS ”Bannstein”

Lupus Lounge- 2015 – Germany

This is the third album of the German Black Metal band Eis. Musically, they play a style which is very close to the style of Lunar Aurora and therefore a band which is very interesting for me. The music here is very atmospheric and dark just like it was the case with Lunar Aurora. You can hear here sharp guitar riffs combined with an atmosphere made mostly without keyboards. Just the basic to say it so. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower, but the big picture is always on the mind. Also, the songs here go very good one into another, but you don’t get the feeling that you are listening to one long song. The first two songs here are slower, but the third song is faster and more aggressive just to show you that this record isn’t boring in any way. The songs here are around 8 to 9 minutes long so that they all have the ability to build their own atmosphere up and also to be part of it all. It is hard for me to say which of the songs I like the most. All in all, it’s a release that I can recommend.


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