JUSTABELI”Cause The War Never Ends”

Mütilation Records – 2015 – Brazil

The Brazilians JUSTABELI are heard from again, Since 2001 actives as a band the trio put this year their cd “Cause The War Never Ends“ with the help of the label Black Lion Production on the market.
It gets here straight to the nitty-gritty from the first note on! You can hear here severe Death Metal with several Black Metal insertions. Pitch-black and shaped with infinite hate songs which leave no room for light. Produced without any folderol or technical grippery. Sheer and rampant despite and hardness which are presented straight and unfiltered. A black musical mass originates which represents the steady struggle between the light and the dark side. Therefore it is no surprise that JUSTABELI worship the horned. Very emphatic and emotional which is also manifested very well at the nagging, dark growls. Nevertheless “Cause The War Never Ends“ is no pure thrashing cd. The extremely tense atmosphere is a bit relaxed by short excursions into melodic realms. You can even hear Thrash Metal elements which makes the great variabiliy of the band clear. Listen to the cd preferably youselves. You won’t regret it!!!!


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