ECOCIDE – ”Eye Of The Wicked Sight”

Dans Crypt Records – 2013 – Netherlands

ECOCIDE is a band from the Netherlands. Their debut opus “Eye Of The Wicked Sight“ is indeed a good while on the market. Nevertheless is is worth to be reviewed in the year 2015. By the way the good piece is published at Dan’s Crypt Records.
After a science fiction-wise tinted intro EOCIDE show at the second song “Planet Eater“ at the latest their real intentions. Death Metal paired with several Thrash Metal elements. Dark, diversified riffs which have the necessary bite come upon a strong-willed highspeed doubleblast drumming. Thus develop very energetic, black songs which doesn’t lack of hardness and aggressiveness. The emphatic, dark growls yet do one last thing to lend weight to the production. Thereby ECOCIDE never doesn’t lose track of and also doesn’t lose steam the entire running time. Here circulates the neck muscle in steady rotation! Nevertheless it doesn’t deal here with a highspeed production. Despite of the speed which is diversified played the gents show here their technical abilities. Topical all unknown / science fiction faced ECOCIDE are successful with „“Eye Of The Wicked Sight“ to deliver a pretty good album. Technically flawless played you should take the cd to heart by all means!!!!


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