DIE HARD ”Nihilistic Vision”

Agonia Records – 2009 – Sweden

Swedish Death/Thrash metal band Die Hard has released their first album ‘’Nihilistic Vision’’. You should know that the drummer, Håkan Jonsson is also playing in Watain. Die Hard is actually inspired from Celtic Frost. Also we can see many other inspirations from many thrash bands. Lyrically, they use satanism, death and pure hate. Especially the vocal has a really oldskuul style. The new album has been released by Agonia Records as the 2 previous EPs. After a far-reaching advertising the band has been on tour in Europe, especially Italy. The band attracts attention among other old school metal trend. The master of the album is made by Necromorbus(Ex. Watain, Corpus Christii, Funeral Mist) in the studio named as his name.

This album is style the same as sound, the same oldschool sprit and sound in the previous EP is continued. Rhythm guitars are a bit lower and they have many solos during songs which may cause problems during live shows as a band consists of 3 people. The album starts with the shouts of ‘’Hail Satan’’ and the last song is a really extreme one, ‘’Death Chasing the Flock of Mortals’’. ‘’Ride the Incubus,’’ Attack From the Back, ‘’Bloody War, ‘’I am Possessed’ are also very good songs. I think these 5 songs are hits and this is a good number for an album.


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