Deathawaits – Sever Again (ft .Julien Truchan Of Benighted)

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Hailing from Lyon (Fr), DeathAwaits was created in 2002. After humble Death/Thrash beginnings, the band also tried to incorporate Grindcore elements into their sound. They released two demos Dark Breath (2003) and Reborn (2007) and a split with Bounty Hunter in 2009, before their long-awaited debut Out Of Adversity (2011).

Already well-established within the Rhône-Alpes underground scene, DeathAwaits chose to record their second album at Convulsound studio (Lyon). This second effort entitled The Abominable came out in February 2014 via Send The Wood Records, with the title track featured in the official soundtrack for French blockbuster Joséphine s’arrondit (2016).

For their 3rd album, Solve Coagula, out via Sliptrick Records, the band collaborated with Vamacara studio (Nantes). DeathAwaits’ music became increasingly aggressive and extreme. The five-piece intensively toured France, Belgium and Spain, with 38 shows, and opened for internationally renowned acts such as ABORTED, NAPALM DEATH, SEPULTURA, EXODUS, MISERY INDEX, DESTRUCTION, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, BENIGHTED, NO RETURN, DAGOBA, LOUDBLAST, etc.

Also produced at Vamacara studios, Rapture Smites (2019) sees DeathAwaits step up their sound, with 11 colourful and catchy tracks with a lyrical concept revolving around a contemporary take on the biblical Four Horsemen. DeathAwaits toured their critically acclaimed 4th album with more than 20 shows in Europe, establishing them as a rising force on the French metal scene.

As the pandemic reclaimed their touring ambitions, the band started writing an anniversary album to celebrate their 20 years of existence. Back at Convulsound studios, the 4-piece perfected their craft into 9 skilful and mature tracks. A fantastic display of intense modern Death Metal that should please fans of Misery Index, Malevolence or Dyscarnate. Closing in on slammier grounds, this anniversary release sees the band bring its catchy edge to further extremity, without losing its impactful flair.

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