We got a nice and short interview with USA thrashy/black metal band Deadnight’s Mike..Enjoy!

Hey there, as an American metal musician, how do you define metal music scene in America and where is Deadnight at that scene
Mike :
In America, the term ‘metal’ is defined loosely. However, I believe that metal is the purest form of extreme music. I state that Deadnight is a combination of thrash and black metal.

After 3 years, Deadnight did well and release a new EP “Riders Of The Black Wind” after your debut album “Messenger of Death”. Should we wait for a full-length album and what is your expectations from the band ?
I plan on producing our next full-length album in January 2012 which should be ready for release by spring 2012. Deadnight is my main musical outlet. I just want to continue to release music that full-fills my own needs rather than the expectations of others. I’m at the point in my life where touring is no longer feasible. Thus, Deadnight will for the most part, remain a studio project with the occasional concert when the opportunity arises.

You define “Riders Of The Black Wind” album as a blackened thrash metal and we can see lots of thrash riffs in it. Beyond that style called USBM, what about the feedbacks from other bands, any assimilating problems For example up till now which bands you share the same stage with.
Generally speaking, people prefer to classify bands into genres. Deadnight is rather diverse so it did create some difficulty for reviewers critiquing our music. We have received a great response from other bands and people worldwide. We have played with a few decent bands from Chicago SSWG and Kommandant.

Death Metal band called Terminate, John and Jim hang out together. Any chance to see that two bands play live Are you waiting for a little tour or put off that ideas for a while Which band is more important for you nowadays ?
Since Jim plays drums for both Deadnight and Terminate, playing a double set would extremely difficult. Deadnight has no tour plans for the future. John will be focusing on Terminate for his main music. I will continue to write music for Deadnight as usual.

You did well online, cool feedbacks about your stuff. Any online connections between you and your fans Feedbacks, compliments or oaths?
Absolutely. We worked very hard corresponding with people all over the world.

We saw too much old school projects lately. Is this situation arising from the bands can not find something new or is it just a back to the roots ?
I think that it’s a little bit of both. Some bands can’t rip off and clone what others did back 20 years ago. Other bands, like us, go back to the roots and bring something new to the game.

What is that basic differences between the demo that you released in 2006 and that EP you released in 2011 Any mentality changes ?
It was an evolutionary process. The mentality has always been the same.

Can we talk about your main influences on your lyrics Satanism, occult themes, anti-religions stuff etc Which theme that you prefer most ?
I prefer anti-religious themes

My last question gonna be about the profits and harms of internet for bands?
The internet has been a great way for bands to promote their music around the world. Music is art, not a business. It’s great that the internet destroyed the music industry. It’s about the music NOT the money.

This is the end of the interview.Any final words for our readers
Thank you very much for the interview and check out DEADNIGHT

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