Dark Zodiak – Ophiuchus Review

DARK ZODIAK from Germany.On the dark metal paths since 2011, they will be releasing their third CD called “OPHIUCHUS” on January 30th, 2021.

Self Promotion Album – 2021 – Germany 

A few days ago I became aware of a band from Germany (thanks to Kerstin Wächter). We are talking about DARK ZODIAK from southern Germany. On the dark metal paths since 2011, they will be releasing their third full-length CD called “OPHIUCHUS” on January 30th, 2021 in in-house production.

DARK ZODIAK play a mixture of Death Metal and Thrash Metal. Varied riffs are full of energy and life, which nevertheless never lack hardness or bite. Independent and not based on Swedish, American or other bands, the really powerful bass lines from Steffi Bergmann create an ominous, musical mixture that leaves little to be desired. In every note, you can hear the experienced musicians who thoroughly understand their craft. Simone Schwarz’s growls are awesome! Sometimes very dark, almost guttural. Then growling again at higher altitudes, it offers fireworks of power and energy. Together with the powerful drumming, a total of ten songs were created, which allow for many variations in terms of tempo. It is by no means a matter of carelessly lined up pieces of music. Rather, playing with tempo gives the songs dynamism and even more independence. All in all, “OPHIUCHUS” is a strong piece of Death Metal that you should definitely take to heart !!!


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