Cryptosis Interview With Frank te Riet

The short interview with Frank te Riet, bass guitarist of Cryptosis, the Dutch Technical Thrash Metal band we saw in Istanbul last year, is now online...

– First of all, thank you for the interview. Your band dates back to 2020. The formation process of the band is one of the classic introduction questions of interviews. Shall we start with the formation process of Cryptosis and what you have done as a musician before Cryptosis? Where were you grown up? How did you get into the music, then metal music underground?

We all grew up in the Netherlands in small villages/towns in the countryside close to Germany. All of us played in local bands (see Metal Archives for in-depth information) and after some years we found each other and started making music we loved at the time. We were into old-school metal. Thrash, heavy, symphonic, etc.. Before we were called “Distillator” a typical old school 80’s thrash metal band from the Netherlands. We toured a lot between 2015 and 2020 with Pestilence, Metal Church, and Vektor. Played 70.000 Tons of Metal Cruise and did a ton of club shows all over Europe. Over time we became bored with playing the same style over and over again and got more and more into more technical and atmospheric music.

Back in 2018, we started working on the album that later became known as “Cryptosis – Bionic Swarm”. We just wanted to make the music that we love to play and write whatever comes up in our creative process. So when we finished the recordings of the album we sent it out to record labels without telling who we were. Just a SoundCloud link called “Nameless” with a few tracks. This was also the first week of the pandemic so things were really weird for us. Out of nowhere came Century Media in contact with us and offered us a killer contract. The fun fact is that the initial contract we had from them was even without a band name on it. So from that moment on we needed a new name and started working on videos, logo, website, etc.. So the pandemic for us was crazy busy behind the scenes.

Frank te Riet
Frank te Riet - Bass, Mellotron, Vocals (backing) (2020-present)

– Do you guys have daily jobs? What other professions are you into? Is it something hard to deal with music business and your daily jobs together?

Frank (me) runs a graphic design agency (, Marco runs his own drum studio ( and Laurens is working for Polaroid (the pictures) as a chemical engineer. Balancing our daily jobs with the demands of the music business can be challenging, but it’s a labor of love. We’re dedicated to our craft, and the support of our fans keeps us motivated to keep pushing forward.

-In 2020, you released a couple of singles and an album in 2021, as well as a split with Vektor, how did the process of working with Vektor evolve before the album and what were the things it brought you after this split?

We have known Vektor personally since 2015 when we toured Europe with them. We always stayed friends and talked from time to time. We also share the same booking agency so one thing led to another and we came up with the idea of a split EP to promote both bands. After the release of limited edition vinyl, we thought about doing a tour, and because of the pandemic, it got delayed a bit. But in October 2022 we finally got to hit the road together (supported by Algebra and Comaniac from Swiss). Working with Vektor on the split was a great experience. We had mutual respect for each other’s music, and it was an opportunity to showcase our work to a broader audience. It helped us gain some exposure and reach fans who might not have discovered our music otherwise

Transmissions of Chaos Vektor / Cryptosis
Transmissions of Chaos Vektor / Cryptosis

– How does Cryptosis define itself as a metal band? Do you like to be in specific genres? In my opinion and to music taste, you’re totally aggressive and technical European thrash like old bands Coroner, etc., however, you’re far more different than European and American bands. How did you invent your style and found yourself? Is Cryptosis still evolving as musical orientation and style? What should we expect from you ahead?

We don’t define ourselves in a specific genre since we have influences from all over the musical spectrum. One could say our 2021 album “Bionic Swarm” is in the vein of old Coroner, but also with influences from black metal and death metal. At the moment we are mixing new music with Fredrik Folkare, the guitar player in “Unleashed”. This will be for a new EP that we will release later this year (2023). As a band, we don’t like to be confined to specific genres. We’re inspired by various styles of metal, and that’s reflected in our music.

While we do have elements of aggressive and technical thrash metal, we also embrace black metal influences and strive to create our unique sound. We’re always evolving as musicians, and our style will continue to develop as we grow. Expect us to keep experimenting and pushing the boundaries of our music.

-Bionic Swarm was released to the world through Century Media in March of 2021. How did you come to an agreement with Century Media? As a band with not so much history, what did you gain by signing with such a big label?

Signing with Century Media was a significant milestone for us. It provided us with a platform to reach a larger audience and gave us access to resources that helped promote our music effectively. We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with such a reputable label

Bionic Swarm
Bionic Swarm

-On the album Bionic Swarm we see that you are dealing with the theme of technological chaos. Can you tell us a little more about the concept of this album, why you created this theme, and combining it with metal makes for a really interesting topic, can you tell us more about it?

Introducing “Bionic Swarm” an enthralling concept album that plunges you into the dystopian landscapes of the year 2149. Within this musical masterpiece, you’ll find eight captivating stories, each narrated through the eyes of inhabitants, both human and non-human, showcasing the progression of technology and its shadowy implications.

Frank, the visionary behind the album, sheds light on the dark side of technology, pondering how these advancements might unfold if they come to fruition. Embracing a blend of science fiction and fantasy with a touch of realism, the album transports us 130 years into the future, a time when the unimaginable is possible. It’s akin to presenting people from the past with the idea of carrying a supercomputer in their pockets daily, an idea that once seemed far-fetched but has become our reality today. The allure of storytelling in such a distant era lies in the limitless possibilities, inviting listeners to imagine and speculate about what the future holds. The lyrics and melodies serve as a gateway to ignite the listener's imagination while fostering a contemplative mindset.

In “Decypher” the second track on the album, Laurens explores a compelling theme where humanity finds itself increasingly reliant on technology. By 2149, technology has entwined itself so deeply into people’s lives that it holds them captive in its grip. This notion resonates with our present reality, but it's envisioned to be even more profound in the coming century.

The song cleverly flips the perspective, portraying technology as an overlord looking down upon humanity as mere cattle, reminiscent of how humans view animals as a source of sustenance. The track delves into the eerie implications of an ever more interconnected world.

As the album progresses, we encounter the enigmatic ninth track,”Mindscape” It portrays a world where robotics have substantially replaced human labor, leaving people disenchanted and seeking escapism from their mundane existence. A new synthetic drug emerges on the market, offering a tantalizing escape to a hyper-realistic fantasy world. However, this substance proves to be as addictive and damaging as heroin, with a sinister twist. Each use heightens the risk of becoming trapped in a perpetual mindscape, forever disconnected from reality. Musically and lyrically, the song cleverly embodies the journey of experiencing this drug-induced trip, immersing the listener in the mind-bending allure while simultaneously reflecting on the perils of such indulgence.

Together, “Bionic Swarm” weaves an intricate tapestry of futuristic tales that provoke thought, curiosity, and contemplation. The concepts presented throughout the album shine a light on both the extraordinary potential and the cautionary aspects of technology’s path. As you delve into the tracks, you’re invited to embrace your own imagination, ponder the uncharted territories of the future, and immerse yourself in a world where the boundaries of possibility are blurred, just as “Bionic Swarm” enthralls you with its haunting allure.

– After this album you went on a tour with Vektor and we got to know you at your Istanbul concert, it was a very successful concert. And this concert was also the last concert of your tour. If we talk about this tour, which concert pleased you the most, briefly how was the tour…

The tour with Vektor was an incredible experience for us. Each concert had its unique charm, and it was challenging to pick a favorite. However, the Istanbul concert was indeed a memorable one, and we were thrilled to connect with Turkish metal fans for the first time.

The energy and enthusiasm from the audience were amazing, and we were humbled by the warm reception we received. The same also happened in Greece, Italy, and Portugal. Places that we never expect people to know about us or our music. We felt a warm welcome and we’d really love to come back with the next album. We had an amazing time!

– At the end of the Istanbul concert you celebrated the tour’s end with the Vektor guys, it was a really great time, had you planned this before? Especially stage diving and being so close to the audience made everyone like you more, I would like to know your views on this subject.

Celebrating the tour’s end with the Vektor guys was not planned beforehand, but we had a great time together. Stage diving and being close to the audience is something we enjoy, as it creates a special connection between us and the fans. We love engaging with our audience and sharing the energy of the music live since we, ourselves, are fans too.

– Thank you for this short talk, before I get to the last words, I would like to ask your opinion about the new album or any material you are planning to release.

We’re currently working on new material, and we’re eager to share it with our fans. The creative process is ongoing, and we’re exploring new ideas and concepts for our next release. We hope our fans will be as excited as we are about the upcoming material since we really can’t wait to share our sonic creations with the rest of the world.

If you have something you want to convey to your fans and followers, the stage is yours…

To our fans and followers, we want to express our sincere gratitude for the continuous support and love you’ve shown us. Your enthusiasm fuels our passion for creating music, and we promise to keep pushing our boundaries and delivering the best music we can. Stay tuned for more updates, and we can’t wait to see you all at our shows! Keep the metal spirit alive! Thank you!

Check us out online if you’d like to know us more:

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