Inverse Music -2014 – Finland

Last year the Finns CAULDRON OF HATE brought their already second cd called “Emperor“ via Inverse Records on the Metal market.
The gents display from the first through to the last note a breathaking speed. Old School Death Metal without great folderol, straight into the listeners’ face. Interrupted by small calmer insertions you can literally smell hate and aggression. CAULDRON OF HATE roll hard and merciless like an avalance through the Metal country. Regardless of the consequences the guys are indeed in the position to define and to implement their musical goals. Thereby came out a very energetic production which doesn’t relinquish the listener that fast. Here is headbanging non-stop the order of the day! The strong-willed, dark growls yet reinforce the positive impression and still give an extra dose of darkness and brutality. Technical impeccable recorded you can hear here joy of playing and willingness the entire playing time. I can only recommend “Emperor“!!!!


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