BOMBARDER ”Hail To Bombarder”

Grom Records

This release is a tribute to a band and also to a Scene which doesn’t exist no longer. Bombarder was one of the first Thrash Metal bands from the former Yugoslavia and from the entire Metal Scene at the end of the 80’s; they were the biggest band back then. As someone who is from Serbia (one of the countries which were part of Yugoslavia) I am glad to see that on this release are also bands from outside of former Yugoslavia. Koldbrann and Nifelheim are some of them. I must say that they managed the Serbian language quiet well to sing the songs. The other bands that are here on this release are mostly from Serbia. Another nice thing to see is that there are not only Thrash Metal bands that pay tribute to Bombarder here. On this CD are 16 songs plus an intro. The last song on this album is from Bombarder itself. They recorded this song for this release only. Some of these bands here on this release did an awesome job with the songs. Abonos are the strangest song here on this release. They are a Gothic Metal band and their song goes a bit towards Therion with the keyboards and the female vocals here in it. Very strange, but not bad at all. The other bands here on this tribute hold very tight to the original version without many changes to the songs, but they all captured very good the spirit of this band and of the time at the end of the 80’s.


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