BODYFARM ”Bodyfarm”

Self-released – 2010 – Netherlands

I totally love Dutch death metal and every extreme release from that part of the world attracts my attention.Here we have a four-piece band from Amersfoort,The Netherlands called BODYFARM who attack the world with their self-titled EP.After the epic intro “Battle”,the sonic mayhem begins with “Bodyfarm” which is a raging mid-paced death metal beast.The following track “Final Redemption” is the slowest one in this release with lots of doomy gloomy passages.”Heartraped” put the speed back on track and it is my personal favourite with its mix of fast rhythm and BOLT THROWER heaviness.The final comes with “Slaves of War” – great headbanging track with obvious OBITUARY influence.BOLT THROWER,OBITUARY and ASPHYX are the main influences of BODYFARM and you can figure that out by listening to the solid guitar riffs or the angry vocals of Thomas Wouters.Having in mind that this band was formed in 2009,their debut recording is nothing but impressive.In case you are into oldschool death metal this EP is a must hear!


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