BLUT AUS NORD ”What Once Was… Liber III ”

Debumur Morti Productions -2013 -France

Blut Aus Nord brought out a new EP and this is the first material from them in a ling with what I can do something. Their last few releases were too strange for me and that made listening to them something hard and maybe even a bit of some kind of torture. This release is something totally different comparing to them. It has the old BM feeling in it and at certain moments, it even reminds me of Lunar Aurora. The material here is fast, cold and hateful. I can’t remember when Blut Aus Nord played the last time something like this and I hope that they will continue with it. Everything here on this album is very cold and grim. From the vocals, over the way they play to the production here. The fans of their previous releases can rest assure that this is still the same band, because you can also find here these strange elements like on them, just in a much smaller amount.


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