Black Altar Publishes A New Single “Sacrilegious Congregation”

ODIUM RECORDS presents the first single of BLACK ALTAR from the split with Norwegian black/thrash masters VULTURE LORD – “Deathiah Manifesto”.  

The split will be released in January as 11 panels digi pack in the shape of inverted cross and as regular black and die-hard version in March. 

Split contains 8 songs, including intros done by Ludo “Evil” Lejeune. One song from Vulture Lord is still with the vocals recorded by Nefas. 

Musicians of Vader, Mork and Enshadowed has taken part in Black Altar part of the split. Cover art was done by Jenglot Hitam.  

We want to remind that Vulture Lord is back after 18 years with a new album “Desecration Rite” which was be released in August, also by Odium Records.  

You can expect nothing less but pure hate, bestiality and devotion to old black metal ideals from these black metal veterans. 

In “Deathiah Manifesto” is included the single “Sacrilegious Congregation”.

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