Metal Scrap Records – 2010 – Russia

Metal Scrap Records from Russia presents “Crachdown” which is the debut full-length album of the russian death metal band AUTHORITY OF HATE.Karc (drums),Nightmare (guitars/vocals) and Slavik (bass) deliver eight tracks of technical playing and aggressive mood.They mix oldschool death metal with modern elements and the final result is one decently sounding album.Those three guys know pretty good how to play on their instruments – “Crackdown” is filled with masterful guitar leads and energetic drumming which is sometimes extremely fast and sometimes disrhytmic like MESHUGGAH for example.Nightmare’s vocals are in the higher register of death metal and his guitar playing is remarkable.My only complaint about “Crackdown” is about the diversity of the songs – all tracks are technical and heavy enough but the groove is somehow missing.There isn’t something that will enter your head and stay there for days.Hopefully AUTHORITY OF HATE have a long life before them and their future releases will be more smashing.’Till then you can give an ear to “Crackdown” because this debut is far from mediocre!


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