AUROCH ”From Forgotten Worlds”

Hellthrasher Productions – 2012 – Canada

The Canadians AUROCH are already since 2008 on the death path musically on the way. After some demos is now their first full-length cd “From Forgotten Worlds” released via Hellthrasher Productions.

Here is celebrated genuine Death Metal. The all in all eight songs tear raw and blunt to the listener. Thereby AUROCH roll everything down which gets in their way. Testiest Death Metal riffs fit in outstanding in the harsh overall mesh. It develops with highspeed brute, topmost energetic songs. These are only replaced for a very short time by energetic songs. These are only replaced for a very short time by more melodic speckles which give the listener some time to take breath in order to continue again at full throttle. Vocalists Paul and Sebastian growl and scream their minds to the heavens. Aware complex song structures which invite to headbang! “From Forgotten World” got no easy to consume cd which demands a lot of weak kneed from the listener. However you know here what you get! Namely solid Old School Death Metal without flourishes and folderol. AUROCH come straight to the point which benefits the production as a whole. The lyrics are based on H.P.

Lovecraft which makes the cd additional interesting. The gents play very involved and ambitious. That’s a bit thick Death Metal which is energetic and powerful from the first to the last note. Who is into rude Death Metal can grab here regardless!!!!

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