Anachronistic – Time to Drink (Lyrics Video)

Lyric video of the song "Time to Drink" of the Black Metal/Hardcore band ANACHRONISTIC, taken from their debut album "700 and 19 Ways of Decay" released on March 8th, available in CD and digital platforms.

Anachronistic is the product of two ex-pats joining forces to create something truly unique, a heavy black metal sound, but overlaid with hardcore vocals. Armed with a vision, lyrics, and a long list of influences, American vocalist Matt Ramarge approached Ukrainian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Umarlak to breathe life into the project. They released their debut EP “700 And 19 Ways Of Decay” last month and it can be streamed in its entirety over at The Circle Pit at

They explain the album in their own words:

“We tried to encapsulate a dark and raw merging of genres with this band. The vision behind Anachronistic’s initial trilogy LP release is to get people hooked on the concept and leave fans waiting for the next chapter to come out. Sonically and emotionally this album is really fun to listen to from a “bird’s eye viewpoint”. Once fans dig deeper into the song lyrics and album cover they will realize this is a true, hilarious story that will continue through 2 more releases, getting darker, heavier, and nastier with each release. Even as a standalone release, “700 and 19 Ways of Decay” will stand strong amongst fans of black metal and hardcore.”

The premise of the album centers a lot around Matt’s life experiences and incorporates elements from his job; initially, it was intended to be a spoken word project, but it morphed into a unique, tongue-in-cheek band that is serious about heavy riffs and energetic vocals. 700-19 is the actual contract paperwork for working in Korea as a US contractor, the album art, done by Adi Dechristianize, features Matt’s actual office with his persona Major Skinnis coming out of the monitor. This is the first chapter in a hilarious true story that will span three albums, the next is already underway.

Blackened hardcore is an interesting new twist on the parent genres. It has the technical power of black metal, mixed with hardcore energy that inspires headbanging, moshing, and stage diving. Anachronistic is recommended for metalheads and non-metalheads alike, anyone who is looking for something unique and raw.

Fans of Blood For Blood, Hatebreed, and Behemoth should definitely take note.

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