ALGHAZANTH ”The Three-Faced Pilgrim”

Woodcut Records – 2013 -Finland

The Fins ALGHANZANTH are already old hands in the music business. Their latest opus is called “The Three-Faced Pilgrim“ and is released in December 2013 via Woodcut Records.
ALGHANZANTH prove here that they have nothing unlearnt over the years. You can hear Black Metal at its finest. Melodies of infinite beauty and coldness wrapped in black musical clouds of hopelessness and sorrow. Musical worlds originate which are bizarre and very melodic on the one hand. Otherwise they have the necessary darkness and expressiveness. The listener is captured in dense sound ramparts which offer no escape or light. Thereby the gents utterly renounce of highspeed thrashing. All six songs move in the mid tempo area. The nagging vocals emphasizes the hard, dark side of the production without being too dominant. Here are grown musicians at work who are also able to implement their visions of Black Metal a hundred per cent. Listen to “The Three- Faced Pilgrim“ by all means. It is a little pearl in the swamp of the other Black Metal releases. A must for each Black Metal fan!!!!


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