AIN ”Vastness”

Under Rotting Sky Records – 2013 – Germany

AIN whose band members would like to remain anonymous are from Germany. Recently they released their debut cd “Vastness“.

Here is celebrated Black Metal. AIN come in not only thud thrashing or with steady repeating riffs, but very multi-variant. This doesn’t mean that “Vastness“ looses thereby hardness or darkness! On the contrary! Dark, diversified riffs melt with pitch-black sound frameworks to all in all six songs. Gloomy, icy worlds arise which contain hate and at the same time beauty within itselves. By melodic speckles here and there the production is relaxed a little bit. Severe doubleblast drumming reinforces hardness and aggressiveness. The expressive vocals leave additional impression. The vocalist presents here his inner life very emnotional and distinctive and turns it out in terms of tones. Bands like WATAIN cross my mind while listening. But, AIN are anything but a cover band. They are successful in creating their very own musical style which the listener doesn’t forget that fast. Very dedicated and powerful recorded you should check out AIN by all means. It’s worth it!!!


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