AD PATRES ” Scorn Aesthetics ”

Kaotoxin Records-2013 -France

AD PATRES play Death Metal through and through. Very technical, but nevertheless provided with the necessary hardness the all in all ten songs roll like a tsunami over the listener. Everything annihilating and with a mind-blowing speed the listener is taken along into a rollercoaster of emotions. Strong-willed riffs go into a deadly symbiosis with forceful bass-lines which give the main points. Supported by a forceful doubleblast drumming develops the independent sound of the band. The powerful, very expressive growls go now and then into the Grindcore area. All in all “Scorn Aesthetics“ got a compelling, extremely high-energy cd. Headbanging non-stop is here announced! Professional and with much blood, sweat and tears recorded I can only recommend this cd to each Death Metal fan!!!!


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