Abyss – Pallid Void (Official Live Music Video)


Abyss was founded in 2009. Throughout the years, the line-up of the band was completed by young musicians from the rural area surrounding the Bavarian smalltown Dorfen. The sound emerging from this constellation was inspired by early nineties Swedish melodic black and death metal bands. The melody lines and the high pace in certain moments of their songs demonstrate a revival of groups such as Dissection or Sacramentum. But besides all that nostalgia, influences from modern representatives of the black and death metal genres are present in their music as well. Overall, the band’s songs are characterized by the exchange of filigree instrumental passages followed by partially melodic and partially raw riffing. This bandwidth delivers its main concept, which deals with the chaos in all its facets. The published EPs are, in an abstract way, displaying several cycles, of which each begins and ends with chaos. Every release, therefore, shows away from and a way to chaos, which in any case is inevitable. Abyss played several show around Bavaria and got their first festival experiences as well as concerts abroad.


EP I – Selfmade

EP II – Mixed and mastered by Yannick Adams [2018]

Split with Besna – Recorded & Mixed @W-Audio, Mastered @Krummafótur, Label – Wolfmond Productions [2020]

Abyss/Besna Split Session – Live – Recorded, Mixed & Mastered @W-Audio [2021]

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