ZLOSLUT ”Pustos I Prevare Izgubljenik Dusa”

Silent Scream Records – 2012 – Serbia

Recently a further production from Serbia reached my Metal letterbox. It concerns here of the 1-man project ZLOSLUT. Earlier this year “ Pustos I Prevare Izegubljenih Dusa“ saw the light of the day.

The short intro “Okrutni“ is an instrumental song which has only by simple played guitar sounds its impact. But the following song already show the listener where the musical journey will really lead to. You can hear Depressive Black Metal through and through. Pitch-black, surrounded by icy riffs ZLOSLUT celebrates Old School Black Metal. Kept simple riffs which may be sometime halting generate with primordial black sound frameworks a dark unity. Thereby the all in all five songs move all of them in the mid tempo area. Thereby develop very intense and emphatic melodies. Depression and hopelessness spread. Dark worlds of hate and coldness arise which offer no escape. The distinctive growls still reinforce this impression. Nevertheless “ Pustos I Prevare Izgubljenih Dusa“ diversified. By the use of different tempi the production receives dynamic and energy. Hunter (Among others busy at PAIMONIA) created with “Pustos I Prevar Izegubljenih Dusa“ an extremely hearable opus which you should listen to by all means!!!

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