Zloslut Video Interview

After a long break Extreminal TV is back! We had a pleasure to shoot a video of our exclusive interview with Serbian Black Metal Band Zloslut.

Check it out !

Zloslut is a Serbian black metal act which was formed in early 2010 by Agnarion. Initially working as a one man band, that changed in early 2016 when Yersinestis (guitars), Inomatanas (bass) and Nav (drums) joined. The band released three albums so far, the last one being “Sahar” (2019) with predecessors “Zloslutni horizont – Donosilac prokletstva, očaja i smrti” (2013) and “U transu sa nepoznatim siluetama” (2015) along with the 2012 EP entitled “Pustoš i prevare izgubljenih duša”. Zloslut has also a handful of split releases, singles and the inceptive demo effort “Abyss of Eternal Deception” (2011). The latter being gathered the following year in the compilation “Iz dubokog ponora tuge” which includes exclusive materials.

Zloslut made a dozen of live appearances, sharing the stage with renown acts and will continue to do so.

Zloslut are:
Agnarion – vocals
Yersinestis – guitars
Inomatanas – bass
Nav – drums
Past members: Inimicvs – guitars (live: 2012-2013)
Mržnja – bass (live: 2012-2013)
Lord Gryma – drums (2013-2014, live: 2012-2013, 2015)

Zloslut is exclusively signed to Morbid Chapel Records.

Contact :
Interview Team :
Camera By : Petar Mrvic
Questions By : Cenk A
Edit by : Cenk A
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