YASS WADDAH ”Cities Of The Night ”

Demo- 2013 – Italy
Some time ago I reached a demo from Italy. I am talking about the band YASS-WADDAH which put with “Cities Of The Red Night“ (based on the same-named book of William Borroughs) their first demo in in-house production on the market.
It goes here immediatela flat out! Modern Black Metal which comes in powerful and nevertheless pitch-black. Spiced with a high speed which is retained the enrire running-time. The multi-variant doubleblast drumming, the range is spread here from extremely fast passages up to slower parts, yet reinforces this impression. Along with diversified riffs and forceful bass-lines this results in the bands’ sound. Dark, hateful songs which are destructive and have at the same time a morbid beauty by the interspersed melodic speckles. The all in all five songs have nevertheless a lot of energy and hardness. The production is amazing well and clean for a demo. Listen to “Cities Of The Red Night“. It’s worth it!!!!


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