VYRE ”The Initial Frontier Pt. 1 ”

Supreme Chaos Records – 2013 – Germany

This is the first album from this band from Bielefeld/Germany and I must say that I like it very much. The band plays some kind of Post Symphonic Avant-garde Black Metal. The music here is very symphonic without losing aggression at certain points here on this album. I could describe their music a mixture between Arcturus, Luna Ad Noctum and Lunar Aurora. That would be the easiest way that speaks about their sound, but there is more to it than just that. Imagine the Avant-garde parts from Arcturus and add to this the symphonic and sometimes cold elements from the other two bands and you will get a picture of how they Vyre sound. The intro could lead you astray and you would think that this band doesn’t play this kind of music, but the next song here shows you other wise. This album has 5 songs plus the intro that I already mentioned. All of the songs are around 9 minutes long which is very good since it allows to the songs to create and evolve their atmosphere. Even the main men from Enid helped them here on this album with the orchestrations and you can hear that in the song “Digital Dreams”. I don’t know is this is the only song where he participated on. This song also has some elements init which reminds me of Sear Bliss. All in all, this is a very good release in my opinion, specially when this year wasn’t so good to me when it comes to releases that I like from 2013.


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