Voltstorm – C.O.D. (Music Video)

Formed in 2019, London-based heavy metal band Voltstorm is a mix of attitude, energy, and political awareness that inspires change and transports the listener to a dystopian future world that can be strongly related to ours. With strong riffs, powerful drumming, and catchy vocals combined with electronic music elements and classical inspiration, Voltstorm’s music can be related to bands like Helloween, Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Judas Priest. Having their plans postponed by the 2020 pandemic, the band found extra time to carefully compose and produce their debut record, which is a collection of their best material pre- and post-lockdown. The work was recorded at Rogue Studios in Wembley with producer Alessio Garavello (David Ellefson, Dragonforce, Power Quest, Freedom Call). Their debut has made strong waves since its release date in March 2022, and their triumphant UK headline tour concluded in May 2022. VOLTSTORM will bring a metal storm into your mind and soul, awakening your true rock spirit.

The feeling of being lower class, unwanted and misplaced is the driving force behind the song. All of the members of the band are from diverse backgrounds and have experienced racially motivated abuse in the past. C.O.D. reflects the hardship of the invisible people around us using the warfare metaphor to catapult the listener into a warfare-like scenario where all of these feelings are at play.

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