UNBORN SUFFER ”Unborn Suffer”

Ghastly Music – 2012 – Poland

The Poles UNBORN SUFFER are already since 2001 musically on the road. Last year they published their latest trick “Unborn Suffer“ via Ghastley Music.

UNBORN SUFFER take here no prisoner. The listener is proffered Death Metal on a high level. Mingled with several Grindcore elements results this broadly speaking in the bands’ sound. Genre typical riffs which may also be jerky attended by forceful bass lines. Along with an extremely fast doubleblast drumming develop that way extremely brute and distinctive songs. But, UNBORN SUFFER can also do it different. By the insertion of some more slowly passages which sometimes go little short of in the acoustic area relax the production a bit. You can even hear some Noise and Jazz speckles. Innovation and experiments are no rarity. Thereby the guys are successful to be very independent and creative without thereby loosing sight of their actual musical aim. The drumming is strongly featured here which yet reinforce the aggressiveness and energy of the cd. The dark growls which often make leeway into the Grindcore area and also dwindle into pure screaming manifest this impression and give sustainability. Productional very ambitious and raw recorded “Unborn Suffer“ got a very strong and nevertheless diversified cd. Check out UNBORN SUFFER! It’s worth in any case!!!

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