TURIN TURAMBAR ”Corona Regni Satanae”

Ataman Productions – 2010 – Poland

TURIN TURAMBAR are from Poland and no musical novices anymore. They already exist since 1992 and put with “Corona Regni Satanae“ their latest opus on the dark Metal market.

As the bands’ name actually let assume music based on J. R. R. Tolkien ala SUMMONING I am however for now suprised. Anyway it is not that easy to classify the band musically. You can hear very experimental Black Metal. Pitch-black musical base frames come upon various other Metal genres. Progressive, Death Metal, a lot of Doom indeed also Ambient tones are here processed to very arbitrary songs. Weird tones which are needed getting used to and are very innovative, too. “Cororna Regni Satanae“ is a very intense cd which demands a lot of staying power from the listener. You already have to listen to the all in all nine songs several times in order to be able to conceive the entire multifacetedness. The emphatic growls still reinforce the depressive, dark undertone. The powerful doubleblast drumming caters for the necessary hardness. Th lyrics are all written in Polish language. Who are into extraordinary sounds in the Black Metal genre can grab here without hesitation. All others is most warmly recommended “Corona Regni Satanae“ as a welcome change from the other dark mishmash!!!

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