Transilvania – Of Sleep and Death Album Review

Invictus Productions – 2021 – Austria 

The Austrians TRANSILVANIA have been on dark, musical paths since 2014. At the beginning of the year, they released the silver album “Of Sleep And Death”. The men received help from Invictus Productions.

The musical journey into deep dark, icy, worlds full of horror and death begins. Sometimes melodic, then again hard and uncompromising, a deeply sad vampiric musical mixture is created that contains no hope or light. Violent double-blast drumming, paired with simple, yet varied riffs, forms the musical framework. In addition, powerful bass lines and the haunting growling of P. Cachtice, let the listener literally feel hatred and despair. The men take their time with their eight songs because none of the songs has a length of fewer than four minutes. Now you might think that the songs are like chewing gum. Yes, this is not the case. Through constant tempos change and varied riffs, the songs develop enough momentum to not come across as long-winded and boring. Powerful and with a good portion of speed, “Of Sleep And Death” is also recommended for non-vampires!!!!


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