AEGRUS – In Manus Satanas

Saturnal Records – 2019 – Finland

The Finnish band AEGRUS are already since several years on dark musical pathes on the road. Their latest opus is called “In Manus Satanas“ and is distributed since October, 11 2019 via Saturnal Records.

The guys celebrate here Black Metal. You feel relegated to the good old times from the first note on. Icy, of unending rage and mourning characterized songs which you doesn’t forget in a hurry, The catchy doubleblast drumming conflates with forceful bass-lines and dismal, aggressive riffs to eight pitch-black songs. A depressing dark atmosphere originates in which there is no place for light thoughts. The powerful growls of Inculta are a bonus yet which becomes the entire production.Very emotional and imbued with never ending hate AEGRUS show here how original Bllack Metal should sound like in 2019. Nevertheless, the songs aren’t monotonous or let alone boring. You can hear here in each note the experienced musicians which play music not just since yesterday. An absolute must for all Black Metal fans!!!!!


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