TORSENSE ”World of Harmony Without You”

Grailight Productions – 2010 – Russia

Torsense is a Death and Black metal influenced band which founded in Russia in 2008. First album of theirs, World of Harmony Without You, released by Grailight Productions a few months ago. Album has been sent to me by company. I like it a lot and I have been listening  for two days. I admire melodic style of the songs. And because of that I want to write my opinions for this album.

World of Harmony Without You consists of 10 songs. In general,catchy and in place to place ethnic melodies are used. To me, the biggest advantage of this band is that they have a great keyboard player. You will realize this too when you listen over and over again. I haven’t seen such a great band from Russia for a long time. And for this, I want to thank Grailight Productions. In my opinion, the songs that come to the fore in the album are At the Root of Volcano, Arizidation and Tornado. Rest of them are great songs too. Album cover design is modest and nice but that all writings are in Russian is a missing point, I guess. Besides the picture of the band could be better. There are a lot of good picture of theirs in MySpace. But that is maybe they wanted protect the modesty. Band may have a potential to climb the ladder and reach a great place in the market. It’s obvious in their first album. Be sure to put this into your archive. You can buy the album through mailorder systemby contacting MySpace pages of band or Grailight Productio.


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