THE STONE – ”Nekroza”

Folter Records – 2015- Serbia

You actually need not to introduce THE STONE. Since over a decade musically active it can’t be imagined without them anymore in the Black Metal landscape. They released in October 2014 their latest opus “Nekroza“ via Folter Records.
Also this time the Serbs remain faithful to their musical line. A symbiosis of icecold Black Metal and melodic insertions resounds off my loudspeakers. THE STONE doesn’t loose thereby at no time their hardness and darkness. Riffs which may be also melodic show the bands’ variability. The game with different tempi relax the eager atmosphere a bit without thereby sounding too soft. Together with the strong-willed doubleblast drumming this results in the musical face of the band. The all in all ten songs all move in the mid tempo area. They reflect hate, misanthropy and endless coldness. You can hear here in each minute that grown musicians were at work who know what they want. The distinctive growls of vocalist Nefas round off the black overall structure positively. THE STONE prove with “Nekroza“ that they got anything but quieter over the years and that they still have what it takes to produce an opus which you don’t forget that fast. Listen to the cd. It’s worth each Euro!!!!


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