THE BEAUTIFUL OPPOSITE ”Everything in Change”

Self Released Album – 2016 -Germany

The band THE BEAUTIFUL OPPOSITE are from Germany. At the beginning of the year they put their first cd which is called “Everything In Change“ on the market.
The EP is thoroughly Metalcore. Slowly enhancing sound walls which have the necessary self-assertion. Halting riffs which does not lack of hardness strike up a strong symbiosis with melodic parts. Thereby the single passages blend unbroken. The emotional growls of vocalist Ste.F. yet do one last thing to let sound the production primordial and aggressive. Thereby THE BEAUTIFUL OPPOSITE sound anything but monotonous or boring. Just this richness in variety in speed and riffs constitute the own bands’ sound. Thereof develops a sound mixture of Hardcore and Metal which delights. Metalcore in the year 2016 should sound like this! Listen to the cd preferably yourselves! “Everything In Change“ is a good example for that Metalcore must not sound the same way and nevertheless has extremely a lot of power! I am delighted.


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