SUMMONING – “Old Mornings Dawn”

Napalm Records – 2013 – Austria

7 years have passed since the last Summoning album and finally, this Austrian Symphonic Black Metal brought out their new album. This one continues there where Summoning stopped with their last release but I must say that the production sounds very weird and sometimes weak for such an album. It goes one or two steps back comparing to their last one which had an almost clear production. For me as a fan of this band this alum is surely something for what I have been waiting for and now while listening to it I can say that they did it once again when it comes to capturing the atmosphere of Middle Earth. Again, all the songs here are very Epic and there are a lot of elements to be found, but only if you are listening to it very closely. The usual version of this album has 8 songs and the special edition has two more.

Personally, the bonus tracks are not so good comparing to the rest of the material here on this album and they are not something for what I would hunt now the special edition, specially now after this edition is already sold out and available for a huge amount of money (over 100 Euro’s).

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