STORM CRY ” Begining Of Darkness”

Self Release -2014- Italy

STORM CRY are from Italy. Founded in 2010 they put earlier this year their cd “Beginning Of Darkness“ on the market in in-house production.
The gents strike here more melodic tones. But, don’t worry! “Beginning Of Darkness“ is anything but a shallow cd. On the contrary: Here unite uncompromising Death Metal with a lot of melody to an independent musical mass which is a ripsnorter! Death Metal base frames as well as the powerful drumming result in the whole thing. Studded with melodic riffs which offer loosening up and give also now and then time to take breath. This seeemingly opposite however turns fast out to be into six intense, powerful songs. Hate and rage packed in morbid beauty. Very energetic songs which come across energetic delight the listener. Rounded off by the distinctive growls of vocalist Roberto Bindi which put the final touches to “Beginning Of Darkness“. Very dedicated recorded you should not miss STORM CRY by all means!!!!


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