STALWART ”Manifest of Refusal”

Metalism Records – 2012 – Russia

Stalwart can be considered a Death Metal band but not in Death Metal format at all. It’s hard to categorize them in one particular genre as they explore anything and everything. Hailing from Russia, ‘Manifest of Refusal’, fourth full-length by the band, is a solid statement put forwarded by the band embarking their proud journey to the extreme world and their proud presence in it.

Manifest of refusal is a collage of some familiar sound blended with bands own precise delivery of extreme aggression and chaos. At time the band sounds similar to Decapitated and then quickly moves to the more familiar aggressive hellish outburst of Behemoth and then to the industrial sound of Fear Factory in ‘Corrosion’ but hey, just don’t have a negative impression that the release is a stale offering. It is by far a better release than most of the new age music that is happening around you.

With this release the band has surely shown the capacity with which they can take on the world. Very precise in the delivery and technically brilliant, this is Stalwart ready to SLAY!

Highly recommended to the fans of modern day groove/thrash/industrial/mechanical death metal.


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