Sombre Heritage – Alpha Ursae Minoris

Sepulchral Productions – 2020 – Canada 

SOMBRE HERITAGE from Canada released at June, 14th 2020 their debut cd “Alpha Urae Minoris“. The Canadians got here help from Sepulchral Productions.

Very riff-orientated melodic Black Metal resounds off my loudspeakers. Extremely emotional and emphatic and nevertheless enriched with a lot of melody bows develops a very special atmosphere. Soaked with darkness the listener is worn out into bizarre musical worlds full of coldness. Nevertheless and precisely because it is no highspeed production wordiness or boredom emerges in no way. It is provided for dynamics and alternation by skilful changes in speed. The necessary hardness is offered by forceful doubleblast drummimg and the diversified vocals of Molag-Venn. You can hear here in each note the seasoned musicians which are able to implement their musical visions perfectly. “Alpha Urae Minoris“ offers everything to the sympathetic Black Metal listener he needs! A real successful side-project of Exu (Hak-Ed-Damm). Listen to the cd. You won’t be disappointed!!!!


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