ViciSolum Productions – 2014 – United States

The Americans SOLACE OF REQUIEM are heart from again. Their by now fourth trick is called “Casting Ruin“ and is distributed via ViciSolum Productions.
The trio get started immediately. Very technical Death Metal from the first to the last minute is the topic here. Seemingly chaotic arranged riffs and song structures result in a load of power and aggressiveness upon closer listening. Extreme doubleblast drumming which is strongly at the limits of a brain collapse combines with typical Death Metal structures to a vast musical mass. Brokenly traditional riffs and solis increase tension and energy up to the limit of capacity. Hardness and hate are yet reinforced by the little short of inhuman fast drumming. But, you can’t only hear pure thrashing. Melodic insertions and even a very moderate drumming now and then eases the extremely tense atmosphere a little bit in order to go flat out the next moment. Peppered with Black Metal borowings which give the whole a scary beautiful touch and the emphatic, strong-willed growls of vocalist and bassist Jeff Sumrell. All in all the outcome was nine songs which fix into the auditory canal. Very professional and dedicated recorded here is rehashed the entire range of Death Metal. Wh is into technical and very fast Death Metal can grab regardless at SOLACE OF REQUIEM!!!!


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