SINFUL CARRION ”Arising From A Shallow Grave”

Self-released – 2010 – Poland

Sinful Carrion is a relatively young band from Gdansk, but the music, they offer these people probably are not ashamed to many a band with much more experience. Gentlemen, cut a piece of cool, modern death metal, technically quite advanced. Sounds like material for their debut, EP is at least satisfactory. Maybe there is still needed to clear a little certain things, but still somehow does not significantly affect the reception of the whole. Disgusts me a little drums, sometimes the parties are far less dynamic. Drummer miss the maness in the playing, it is too slow at times (“Wounded Wings”). This takes a little strong character in individual works, which would be designed to seethe with fury. Compositional arrangement side plate is on a good level, although for my taste – some missing pieces of this maturity, which would provide to rembember it for longer. You can hear that guys are still at the state of exploration, but the direction is good. There is no shortage of fancy, smart riffs, harmonics, solos (at times with schuldiner-style) or climatic relief. Bouncy or “torn” parties show some inspiration on deathcore bands or the likes of Dying Fetus, Misery Index and Suffocation. Sometimes riffs also are more “swedish” (beginning “Arising From A Shallow Grave”). Vocals are pretty good, thick, expressive growl. There are the screams too, and even a recitation (guest appearance by Jakub Leonowicz from Nyia). You can hear the potential in music Sinful Carrion, the patterns are the honorable of course, therefore, is not nothing but waiting for full-length material of that band, which will use its capacity to 100%.


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