Sidewalk Mafia – Cruel Sacrifices (Lyric Video)

The single will open a promotion for the album to be released in spring 2022. The single comes out through the German record company Blood rite Records.

Doom metal band Sidewalk Mafia is from Helsinki, Finland. They just released a new single “Cruel Sacrifices” In late Spring 2022 there is coming a full-length album.

The band operates as a duo, but in a gig situation, the band is a trio with a guest bassist”

The band describes their music as a “crushing metal experience. It might be slow, it might be fast, but it will be guaranteed with emotion and attitude” “Cruel Sacrifices”-single will open promotion for the album.

Band says: “We released our first single “This frozen paradise” in early 2021. It was really well received around the world and actually defined our style. “Cruel Sacrifices” continue with it and represents what we want to be. It is extremely heavy, melodic and oppressive, but at the same time atmospheric. This is a good song to start promoting our upcoming album”

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