Searching For A Reply – Kiss my Nuts

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So who the heck is SEARCHING FOR A REPLY? Well, just five guys, coming straight out of the Bavarian Forest – I mean, not just the region, the forest, the real forest, the goddamn jungle man!

Mr Patrick Patrone hitting the pipe bomb, the Iron Vulture doing strange things to his guitar, T-Bone, incessantly keeping his sound juicy and raw, just like a good steak and last but not least Bass-T and the Hightower killing it hard on the rhythm section – Bam, in ya face! Searching for a Reply is a Band for people whose definition of luck is to be appointment-free and a little pissed, even better with Shane MacGowan in the background, babbling the sweetest songs about love, booze and the Irish Republican Army. A Band for people who realize that every good Boyband got a little GG Allin in the ranks. People dedicated to bands not to genres, people who give a fuck about who to squeeze the most opulent production out of the ass! We‘re talking about people who still appreciate a good live band, no airs and graces, no awkward choreography, either over- neither under-skilled but condemned to hit every string, every tone and every dub as it would be the last one!

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