Sagenland – Oale groond Album Review

Heidens Hart Productions – 2021 – The Netherlands 

It took a whole 16 years for the Dutch band SAGENLAND to hear something from themselves again. After a split EP with Vargulf in 2005, the duo released the cd “Oale Groond” via Heidens Art Records on 25.01.2021.

Here classic Black Metal of the 90s is celebrated. With a lot of commitment and darkness. Simple riffs that reflect desperation and hopelessness. The listener is transferred from the first note to the good old days, which is certainly wanted and certainly encourages one or the other to dream. Bands like ULVER come to mind when listening. SAGENLAND rely on a mixture of high-speed boards and double-blast drumming, which has it all and definitely leaves a lasting impression. By adding some Folk parts, the production gets its own identity without imitating too much. Listen to “Oale Groond” best and form your own opinion! The disc definitely deserves a chance!!!!


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