ROSE FUNERAL ”Gates of Punishment”

Metal Blade Records – 2011 – U.S.A.

Rose Funeral hailing from Cincinnati, plays metal-core, too many break downs for me. Some elements of the musick is really good, when they keep it death metal, but those break-downs ruin the whole thing for me. As well as I’m tired of angst ridden men full of hate for women in their lyrics, you know your not gonna kill the “filthy whore” (who is most likely your ex-girlfriend) and I don’t want to hear how you want to mangle her, when you probably can’t kill a fly. So, this was the second song and I was already bored, “Grotesque Indulgence”. “Beyond the Entombed” kinda black metally mix with death metal, but of course they ruined it with a break down. “False Divine” features Steve Tucker, which you would never know unless you were told, and a guest apprearance from Kate Alexander (Cincinnati Opera singer) on “Malignant Amour” was actually one of the better songs off the release, kool how they blended her in and then the song went into and instrumental, but overall every song has the tell-tale break-downs that are way too much in fashion now.

Overall, the elements that were actually death metal and black metal were good, drumming is tight, intros and outros were kool, but the break-downs ruin the songs.


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