RISE OF AVERNUS ” Dramatis Personae”

Code666 Records – 2015 – Australia

This EP comes from an Australian band and in the 30 minutes how long this EP is long,
they offer an interesting mixture between Carach Angren, Septic Flesh and Enslaved. The mixture goes this way: the orchestral parts from Septic Flesh, combined with the creepy atmosphere (at certain moments) from Carach Angren and the sometimes a bit weird elements from Enslaved. Grutle from Enslaved also sings some part in the third track here on this EP called “Act Est Fabula”. I must admit that this mixture got me right away since those bands that I mentioned are among my favorite bands and to see/hear this, makes it very interesting for me. The speed of the songs varies. It’s not like the songs are only made in one speed. Also, the speed changes a lot in the songs also. The production of this release is very clear so that all of the elements in it come to the light. My personal favorite songs here from this release are “Path To Shekinah” and “Act Est Fabula”, but also the other ones are very good.


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