REPUGNANCE ”Seeds Of Oppression”

Anopsy Records – 2014 – Malta

From the placid Malta come also hard Metal tones. It happened at REPUGNANCE who put in February 2014 their debut cd “Seeds Of Oppression“ by the help of Anopsys Records on the market.
Like a tsunami REPUGNANCE crush everything which obstructs. Uncompromising Death Metal which has strength and self-assertion right from the beginning. Mixed with a sound portion darkness the all in all five songs all move in the upper mid tempo area. Here sowith circuits the neck muscle non-stop. Classical Death Metal riffs compose together with a powerful doubleblast drumming and strong-willed bass lines the base frame of REPUGNANCE. The dark, emphatic growls of vocalist Roderic Mifsud refine the deadly musical cocktail. The whole is perfectly rounded-up by genre-typic movie etsablishing shots. Recorded with much blood, sweat and tears you hear with every note Death Metal through and through. “Seeds Of Oppression“ is a must for all Death Metal fans!!!!


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